What to Look For in a Web Design Program

You’ve made your choice and decided that Web design is the career for you. You’re prepared to delve into the game, however you’re going to require some education on ways to design Web sites first. However, with literally numerous schools using courses in every possible permutation – Web website style or graphic design with a concentration on Web sites; certificates or complete degrees – how do you decide which program meets your requirements?

Abilities taught in a Web Design program

Web site designers require a vast variety of abilities, not all which are (or can be!) taught in the class. Nevertheless, there are particular abilities that all Web designers must know. First amongst these is HTML (HyperText Markup Language) code, which consists of the building blocks of the Web. All Web websites, no matter how fancy or how focused on Flash animation, include HTML at their core.

Although the majority of designers now use Web editing programs such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver to design Web sites, in order to understand what is really occurring when the Web website loads, you need to understand HTML. For entry-level positions, this markup language can be enough, but for more advanced positions, you ought to learn several other markup languages, such as XML (prolonged Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), along with several scripting languages, such as JavaScript and ActiveX.

You will likewise need to learn the fundamentals of making a Web site look cool and professional. Although it might appear elementary, there are a wide variety of techniques involved in developing a Web website that flows well. A logical site is developed to enable the user to rapidly understand the function of the Web site, and to easily find the information he or she needs.

Although this is obviously more of an art than a science, there are lots of techniques that help users browse each page within a website better and quickly. As a Web website designer, you must be fluent in these strategies.

To deal with Web sites, you’ll also have to understand the fundamentals of how a computer system operates. These technical abilities enable you to establish and customize the Web site. Having the ability to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol)  to include pages and upload site changes is vital. So is having the ability to modify the site contents by hand using text editor software. A few of these types of  software allows you to view changes instantly, such as the Real-Time HTML Editor, which is offered online. Other full-screen editors are often bundled with your
workplace computer system, or can be set up, allowing you to deal with site contents beyond a site modifying program.

Lastly, depending upon the particular profession course you want, you might need to have other skills. If you are focusing more on the graphic design element of Web design, you will need to focus on discovering vector and raster graphics. Raster graphics, comprised of grids of small pixels, depend on the size and quality of the image – pictures are raster images, for example, and can look blurry or sharp, depending upon image size and resolution.

Vector graphics use geographical points instead of pixels, and can be resized without losing image quality. Typography, or the art of choosing and using typefaces and fonts, is also crucial. Page layout, or the skill of integrating pictures, text, links, and animated images on a Web website to produce a pleasing overall style, is also very important.

By addressing these concerns, you are well on your way to figuring out which is the right Web design course for you! It might sound difficult, but once you are into it, I’m sure you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

How Responsive Website Design Can Increase Sales

Responsive Website Design Can Increase Sales

In today’s competitive marketplace, a crucial element of success is the use of leading-edge website technology and design. One of the key trends in websites right now is responsive website design (RWD.) Stated simply, if your website doesn’t have responsive web design, your business is likely underperforming.

What is a Responsive Website Design?

14804632142_38c5c63424_bYou’ve likely already encountered responsive websites while surfing online. These are the sites that quickly and automatically adapt to the screen size of your device. Responsive web design ensures that your website content displays correctly and uniformly on a variety of devices, platforms and screen sizes, without the need to create multiple websites. Special coding techniques are utilised that make a web page automatically adjust to the device or screen size for the best user experience possible.

The ability of your website to look appealing and remain user-friendly on any size screen is crucial, since so many consumers are now using mobile devices. Sites with responsive website design look great on laptops and desktops, but they also adapt seamlessly to the small screens of mobile devices, with no more frustrating zooming and scrolling needed.

The Trend Toward Mobile

Your website is a tool for both branding and generating sales. If your site doesn’t look good on a user’s device, their opinion of your brand can suffer. If browsing your site on a smartphone or tablet results in a frustrating experience, users are likely to click away altogether and find one of your competitors’ responsively-designed sites instead.

According to the Pew Research Center, 56% of American adults now own a smartphone, and 34% of them own a tablet device. A full 34% of smartphone internet users say their primary method of going online is using their cell phone (instead of a desktop or laptop computer.) Cisco systems reports that smartphone usage grew a staggering 81% in 2012, and IDC reports that tablet shipments surpassed PC shipments in the 4th quarter of 2013.

Google estimates that 90% of users alternate between their various devices in order to accomplish an online goal such as making a purchase. Clearly, the businesses that provide the most seamless online experience across all platforms will be able to generate more engagement, more positive brand sentiment and ultimately more sales.
Investing in Success

Responsive web design takes the same basic design elements across all platforms, intuitively adapting them to the viewing environment. Fluid, proportion-based grids and flexible images ensure that your website will be optimized to deliver what your customers are looking for on any device.


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Discover the Best Kitchen Worktop Surface

Kitchen Worktop SurfaceWhen I was approached recently by my neighbour asking if I could make him a new website for his kitchen worktop business, I was a little hesitant. His original website looked ok to me, so I wasn’t sure why he wanted to change. Apparently the previous one was organised by his ex partner, so he wanted to make a clean break with a new website.

Seems like a pretty good reason, and I had a discount offer running, so I want ahead.

The main points that he wanted to get across was that selecting a worktop for your kitchen is one of the most significant decision you will ever make. In selecting kitchen worktops, therefore, you have to put into consideration a number of factors. Each worktop’s characteristics will need to undergo thorough scrutiny. Such aspects as heat resistance, water resistance, warranty, durability, maintenance, practicality, shade, shine, and quality must all be considered.

Presently, several materials are be used to prepare the kitchen worktops. There’s wood, laminate, quartz, glass, maia, bamboo, lapitec, Corian, Minerva, natural stones, granite countertops and many others. One of the materials that undoubtedly appears to match all the qualities mentioned earlier is granite. Its popularity goes beyond the kitchen and today, they’ve become part of offices and bathrooms as well. That means a lot.

Below you will discover several reasons why granite is by all means the best surface for kitchen worktops.
Heat and water resistant

With granite, you will never have to struggle saving it from moisture or dampness. It can also withstand up to 200 degrees Celsius. Basically, it’s able to last in any temperature situation. Normally, the heat in the kitchen normally goes up to 50 degrees Celsius. That means you are more than safe and you shouldn’t worry about your kitchen suffering damage.


One of the most outstanding features of granite worktops is their appealing looks. Presently, it’s available in a choice of well over 25 colors. And each of the surfaces is unique and has its own individual colors plus markings. It’s this uniqueness and elegance that has made it an immediate favorite kitchen worktop among many people.

Easy installation and less maintenance

Kitchen Worktop

Unlike other surfaces that have to be cut to the required size, when it comes to granite, you can easily order a single slab of the required size. That makes its installation very easy. It’s also very easy to take care of granite worktops since they hardly suffer any damage due to heat or cold. Even after using them for many years, you will hardly see any cracks showing up. And to clean them, you only need a quick wipe using soapy water or detergent and it will look just as a new.

Durable and dependable

As we mentioned earlier, high -quality granite is virtually scratch proof, waterproof and highly resistant to heat. Unlike other forms such as wood, the chance of food particles or bacteria damaging your granite worktop and ruining its looks is almost zero. If taken good care of, granite worktops are sure to last a lifetime.

Price of granite

Granite is quite expensive compared to other types of kitchen worktops. However, none of them matches up to its superior qualities. It’s actually cheaper in countries where it’s extracted rather than where it’s exported. You can get it at reasonably low prices when you buy it from warehouses instead of retailer showrooms.

In conclusion, due to its many benefits, granite worktops seem to be the best choice throughout the world for kitchen worktops. Better still, kitchens made from granite kitchen worktops are attractive in appearance, which is among the key factors when designing or remodeling a kitchen. Put simply, granite worktop is the best surface you will never go wrong with for your countertops.

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